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Forget Tacos or Ice Cream: This Vancouver Truck Is Selling Condos

August 27, 2021 by Crystal Hung

Many good things are sold out of trucks: tacos, hot dogs, ice cream, and most recently, condos.

You read that right. Step on in to the cozy ELLA Condo Truck and you can walk out owning a condo at ELLA Living’s brand new development at Grant and Nanaimo.

The convenience of buying a condo out of a (very trendy) truck means no more trekking to real estate presentation centres. This way, the showroom comes to you.

Visitors to the truck will be able to find everything they would need to know about ELLA Living that they would at a normal presentation centre — like images, a scale model of the condos (there are 45 of them in total), and residential layouts and specifications. There’s nothing the truck can’t do. Buyers can even write up an offer inside. Talk about groundbreaking!


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