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Ella Condo Truck

October 23, 2020 by Crystal Hung


Why does a presentation centre for new homes have to be static, semi-permanent, and locked down to one location?

It certainly doesn’t suit millennial home buyers who represent the single largest generational home-buying group in Canada (27 per cent of all Canadians according to Statistics Canada).

The people behind the new ELLA residential development on Grant Street (at Nanaimo Street) in Vancouver know what modern professionals want in their new home. But Trillium Projects, in partnership with GN Holdings Limited, also know these purchasers shop differently than their parents did, so they’re turning the traditional presentation centre “on its head”.

Today, Canada’s first “mobile presentation centre” called ELLA CONDO TRUCK (#EllaCondoTruck) was unveiled. It takes the presentation centre for ELLA to the customer (not the other way around) and is able to provide a more intimate and personal experience for discerning millennial buyers. “It fits with what these buyers want,” said James Evans, one of the partners behind ELLA. Evans lives in, and believes in, the surrounding Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood. He has gained notoriety as the developer behind restored heritage mansions nearby like the Brookhouse Residence and the Jeffs Residence. “As kids, we’ve all run and waved to the ice cream truck when it came down the street. We remember the excitement and unique experience as much as the ice cream itself. That experience is part of the inspiration here. Think about curbside food trucks, mobile phone ordering for coffee, food delivery and ridesharing. That’s why we’re taking the lead with this new, and frankly logical, way of reaching our buyers too.

“Today’s professionals want to live in this kind of walkable, affordable neighbourhood and are used to staying in touch with an urban lifestyle. They know what they want and they’re comfortable with online and other services that ‘come to them’ and cater to them personally.”